Getting Establishing

We work with lots of individuals who are looking to set up as an independant training provider and also existing organisations who waht to add training to the products and services which they already offer.

Initial advice to set up your training business

So you’ve had an idea to set up on your own and break free. Taking that spark of innovation from a paper concept to an actual training company can be a road fraught with unexpected problems. We can work with you to plan through the initial months of your business, help you identify any gaps in your business plan and offer solutions to make your dream a reality. We won’t pull any punches and promise to tell you exactly how it is, hard work but very rewarding!

Register of Training Organisations application support

If you’re going to grow your business to deliver over £100,000 of Skills Funding Agency funded qualifications (excluding Apprenticeships) you’ll need to be in the SFA’s Register of Training Organisations (RoTO). Education & Skills have a fantastic track record of assisting companies to develop a successful RoTO submission. This is very important part of your journey and a mistake at this point could set you back up to 6 months. Don’t risk it, get some assistance and get through RoTO the first time around.


Register of Apprenticeship Training Organisations

If you're wanting to deliver Apprenticeships after May 2017 you'll need to be on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Organisations. The RoATP opens roughly every 3 months or so, if you want updates about when it opens join our mailing list today! We achieved a 95% pass rate in the first RoATP window.

Organisational development plans

You can’t do everything on your own and as you start to win work and deliver you’ll have to take a step back from the front line and delegate some of the work. This can be a daunting step for some small business owners but it’s a crucial step if your business is going to flourish. One of our Lead Consultants can work with you to plan how to make this transition, support you in selecting the right team and get the right structure in place with effective reporting lines so you know exactly what the state of play is.

Working towards that first contract

It can be a long slog to get that first contract but there are Prime contract holders out there looking for new providers who are delivery qualifications in growth sectors with great delivery models. It’s important to be delivering the latest government priorities, have relationships with employers and have a delivery team in place. We can work with you to ensure you have all the things in place which potential partners will look for during their Due Diligence process.

Once again the team at Education and Skills have got us through the minefield of ITT and SFA tendering processes. Thank you James and team for our latest success, acceptance on the RoATP, we couldn't have done it without you. Highly recommended


Sometimes we get stuck in the day to day operations of our business and we don’t take the time to take a step back and evaluate where we are and where we are going. Our consultants can support your organisation to move on to the next level through detailed business planning and support. 

James Hart

James Hart

James specialises in bid writing, finding funding and partnership management.

Jo McDonald

Jo McDonald

Jo has over 20 years’ experience working in the training and education sector.

Lee Croucher

Lee Croucher

Lee is a highly motivated and passionate individual with a proven track record in the Education, Sport and Business sectors

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Let’s not just talk about compliance, let’s talk about making your business more efficient and effective at delivering outcomes

Let’s not just talk about compliance, let’s talk about making your business more efficient and effective at delivering outcomes