Since its inception we helped more than 180 clients successfully apply to become an Apprenticeship Training provider, first on RoATP and now APAR applications, many more than once.

The Apprenticeship Provider and Assessment Register (APAR) is a record of organisations that:

  • are eligible to receive government funding to train apprentices
  • can undertake end-point assessments

Once your organisation is on the APAR it will be eligible to receive government funding to train apprentices.

Need help with your APAR applications?

It’s safe to say that the Department of Education have made the process significantly more robust since the last iteration of the register. We set our fees as follows;

  • Main Provider £4500+vat
  • Supporting Provider £3600+vat
  • Employer Provider £4500+vat

These fees include a dedicated bid writer, writing of all narrative responses, review of required policies, access to templates for any policies that you do not have in place, construction of all question responses offline, input of all responses on the new AS platform and a quality assurance check of the application. Our bid writers work together to peer review work so you get the benefit of a team supporting your application.

100% pass rates

When the ESFA/DofE have changed the register in the past we’ve always been able to come out of the blocks running with 100% pass rates and we’re happy to say we’re achieving the same results again.

We’ve submitted over 40 new applications so far and are receiving positive results each month.

GAP in Provision

Unfortunately applying to be on the Apprenticeship Register isn’t as simple as it used to be. At the present time you can only join as an Employer Provider (who pays into the Levy) or as a provider who has been nominated by an employer who has identified a Gap in the current Apprenticeship Provision on offer.

We are able to work with you and your employer contacts to identify potential gaps in current provision and guide you through the process that must me followed in order to apply to the Register.

Quality training provision needs quality support

Get in touch for more details as every case is different, make a booking for a free consultation.

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