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Carl Bromilow



Carl has worked within education for over 20 years, specialising in assessment and quality assurance of work based competency (NVQs) and vocational qualifications mainly within the Active Leisure and Education and Training Sectors. Within this time, he has worked for a variety of training providers both small and large as an assessor, IQA and Lead IQA, before progressing to an EQA, Lead EQA and Quality Assurance Director across 3 different awarding organisations.


Carl specialises in best practice of the delivery, assessment and quality assurance of vocationally related qualifications, risk management, awarding organisation compliance and malpractice. Carl can provide services ranging from gaining centre approval for new centres to conducting end to end audits for established training providers.

Latest news & knowledge

Quality of apprenticeships and skills training inquiry launched

The Education Committee launches inquiry into the quality of apprenticeships and skills training.

Purpose of the inquiry

While many independent training providers and further education colleges are providing excellent training, too much provision is poor. For example, Ofsted last year reported that 37% of apprenticeship providers were less than good.

The inquiry examines whether employers, learners and tax payers are getting sufficient value for the time and money invested in training, and whether more needs to be done to detect poor-quality provision.

The inquiry  also looks to uncover barriers faced by the socially disadvantaged in accessing skills training and consider how Government funding can be used to remove these barriers.