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The Education & Skills Consultancy run a number of events throughout the year designed to meet the needs of the Education Sector. Our events are a chance for you to build your skills and knowledge with like minded people, share experiences and forge links through networking.
As new events are organised we'll announce them on our News Page and add them to our list of events below.

CPD Webinars

We're hosting a series of highly interactive and engaging 1 hour Webinars. These are designed as intensive learning experiences for vocational learning delivery staff. Sessions are designed to help staff further develop their skills, or for more experienced staff to reprise and consolidate existing skills.

Delegate costs for each webinar are just £50+vat! To book email for a booking form.

Session Overviews showing the detailed content of each webinar can be obtained by clicking on the titles below.



Webinar Topics




Designing Effective Group Inductions.

29th Nov 2016




Embedding English Skills in Sessions.

1.30 pm




A Risk Assessment Approach to Subcontractor Management.



2nd  Dec 2016




Using ICT to Make 1 to 1 Work Based Learning Sessions More Engaging.

1.30 pm




Making 1 to 1 Work Based Learner Inductions More Effective.


15th  Dec 2016




Self and Peer Assessment.

1.30 pm




Creative Formative Assessment Techniques Overview.


12th Dec 2016 





Embedding Maths Skills in Learning Sessions.

1.30 pm




Creative Ideas for Group Inductions.


19th Dec 2016




Assessment for Learning Essentials.

1.30 pm




Making 1 to 1 Work Based Learning Sessions More Effective.


21st Dec 2016





Using Webinars to Deliver Workplace Learning.

What Needs to be Considered?

1.30 pm


If you'd like to book a private workshop please email for a quote.

James assisted my organisation through the ROTO process and ensured that we had a successful result and gained entry onto the register. James provided a first class service and took the majority of the stress off my shoulders, I just left him to it. He also organised the recent refresh of our details on ROTO successfully.


Sometimes we get stuck in the day to day operations of our business and we don’t take the time to take a step back and evaluate where we are and where we are going. Our consultants can support your organisation to move on to the next level through detailed business planning and support. 

James Hart

James Hart

James specialises in bid writing, finding funding and partnership management.

Jo McDonald

Jo McDonald

Jo has over 20 years’ experience working in the training and education sector.

Lee Croucher

Lee Croucher

Lee is a highly motivated and passionate individual with a proven track record in the Education, Sport and Business sectors

Latest news & knowledge

Quality of apprenticeships and skills training inquiry launched

The Education Committee launches inquiry into the quality of apprenticeships and skills training.

Purpose of the inquiry

While many independent training providers and further education colleges are providing excellent training, too much provision is poor. For example, Ofsted last year reported that 37% of apprenticeship providers were less than good.

The inquiry examines whether employers, learners and tax payers are getting sufficient value for the time and money invested in training, and whether more needs to be done to detect poor-quality provision.

The inquiry  also looks to uncover barriers faced by the socially disadvantaged in accessing skills training and consider how Government funding can be used to remove these barriers.